Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedure overview

At Framlingham Vets we are able to provide routine and more complex surgeries, utilising our modern surgical facilities and Diagnostic Imaging Suite in an integrated approach to surgery.
Routine Surgeries:

Neutering procedures, wound repairs and  skin mass removals are performed on a routine basis.

More Complex Soft Tissue Surgeries:

We regularly perform more complex surgeries such as foreign body removals, mastectomies, internal tumour removals and biopsies of all organs.

Orthopaedic Surgeries:

Orthopaedic conditions concern the musculoskeletal system and a wide range of conditions may be encountered. Here at the practice we aim to investigate and treat these cases in the best way possible, making full use of digital x-ray and other investigative techniques. Where required, we use specialised surgical equipment and implants such as screws, pins and plates to treat a variety of conditions.
Cruciate ligament disease:
Having undergone further training we are pleased to be able to now offer an innovative surgical method to help manage Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) disease in our dogs and cats. The technique, known as “TTA Rapid”, neutralises the forces in the patient’s knee joint to replace the need of the CCL and alleviate the associated lameness. For more information on this technique, please see our presentation on the dedicated page.
Along side this new technique, other stabilisation techniques can be performed in the practice to stabilise the knee joint where clinically appropriate.